Saturday, 19 November 2011

[HUO7] Thank You for Coming to Hear Us Out 7!

Hello Movers and Shakers! On behalf HUO7 committee, we would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating and attending Hear Us Out 7 conference! We hope you enjoyed your time at the conference like we enjoyed organizing it!

Thank you to all the representatives to all the respective NGOs for being keen and passionate towards what you do and sharing the passion with us at Hear Us Out 7! You guys are a totally AWESOME! :D
  • WWF Malaysia
  • Yvonne Foong
  • Perlembagaanku/MyConstitution
  • UndiMsia!
  • Reef Check Malaysia
  • PT Foundation
  • Voice of the Children
  • All Women's Action Society (AWAM)
  • Nafise Motlaq
  • myFuture Foundation
  • Women's Aid Organization
Thank you so much to Ms. Irene Fernandez and Mr. Ezra Zaid for taking time off from their busy and tight schedules to join us and making Hear Us Out 7 a big hit! We really enjoyed having both of them because they are totally awesome and inspiring.

Thank you to Taylor’s College and its staff for making all our efforts a success and keep supporting us. Not to forget, our senior from HUO6. Thank you for helping us. Thank you to TAP club too. You guys have STAND FOR DIFFURENSE.

A big shout out to Taylor’s Marketing Department, Administration people, Security Department, the technicians, the cleaners and all Taylor’s College staffs. Thank you for helping us! Thank you for being incredibly amazing! Thank you for being patient with us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

A zillion thank you everyone who has participated and promoted HUO7! You guys are totally AWESOME!

Infinity thank you to our WORLD ISSUE teacher, Mr. Colin Boyd Shafer! Thank you for being patient with us! Thank you for advising us! Thank you for mentoring and pushing us! You have stand by us all the time and we really appreciated it! Thank you for showing us the video; The Swamp of Sadness to wake us up. What an effective video! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

We are very proud to have you as our teacher!

Thank you everybody! Thank you Movers and Shakers! :) 

Hear Us Out 7! Stand for DIFFURENSE!

Friday, 11 November 2011

[HUO7] Countdown: 1 Day More to Go!

Hear Us Out 7 is coming to the town - TOMORROW! Are you all prepared to stand for diffUrenSe? We hope you do because you are going to be one of the world movers and shakers! :) 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

[HUO7] Fund Raising Event: HUO7 Food Day!

HUO7 Food Day

Hello! Hear Us Out 7 will be having our very own food day this Friday! Yes, this Friday! Wohoo :D You surely don't want to miss the event! :D

We will having pancakes cooked by our very *awesome teacher, Mr. Colin Shafer and other stuffs like punch, wedges, fries and many more! 

This event will be started at 10am. Yes, 10am not 3pm

So, do come to our booth at Wisma Subang Jaya Ground Floor, CPU building! We would love to see you there! :)

Note: Half of the money raised will go to Cambodian Flood Relief

[HUO7] Countdown: 2 Days More to Go!

2 more days to go to Hear Us Out 7! Be pumped!

By the way, don't forget the Ice Dolphin screening this evening, 5pm at LT 2! We love to see you guys there.

Half of the money raised will go to Cambodian Flood

Do come and support us! You can make a DIFFURENSE.

[HUO7] Hear Us Out 7 Itinerary is Up!

Hear Us Out 7 itinerary is up, people! 

Start choosing which student and NGOs workshops you would like to attend; as per participant 1 student workshop and 3 NGOs workshops only! 

We also have online registration. Click this out to fill up the form. Thanks! :)


Event Itinerary
12th November 2011 (Saturday)
9.00am – 5.30pm

0900 – 0930
Participants Registration

0945 – 1025
Conference Introduction
& Welcome Speech:
Mr. Colin Shafer
Lecture Theatre 1
- Workshops videos

1025 - 1030
Principal’s Speech
Mr. Jim Leonard

1030 – 1040
Students’ Performance
- Mother Earth
- Heal the World

1040 – 1120
Speaker Profile Introduction
Keynote Speaker #1
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1

   1120 - 1130
Participants will change from Lecture Theatre 1 to student workshops

 1130 – 1210

Student Workshops
List of workshops
Global Issues
- Freedom of Speech
- Poverty Eradication
- Global Health
Environmental Issues
- Ocean Health
Human and Animal Rights
- Rights of the Child
- Animal Rights
- Sexuality Rights
- Women's Rights
- Education for All

1210 – 1220
Participants will change from student workshops to Lecture Theatre 1

1220 – 1300
Speaker Profile Introduction
Keynote Speaker #2
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1

1300 – 1350
Food and drinks will be provided

1350 – 1430
[ First Session ]
NGO Workshops
- PT Foundation
- MyConstitution
- Women’s Aid Organization (WAO)
- myFuture Foundation
1430 – 1440
Participants will change from First Session to Second Session

1440 – 1520
[ Second Session ]
NGO Workshops
- All Women’s Action Society Malaysia (AWAM)
- Childline Malaysia
- World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Malaysia)

1520 – 1540
Short Break
Participants proceed to LT1

1540 - 1550
Dance Performances
-Chique De Luxe 
-DJ Coex

1550 – 1630

[ Third Session ]
NGO Workshops
- Yvonne Foong (Heart4Hope)
- Reef Check Malaysia
- Undi Malaysia
- Voice of the Children (VoC)
- Ms. Nafise Motlaq

1630 – 1700
Presentation of cheques to NGOs and prize giving ceremony for photography contest

1700 – 1730
Closing Ceremony

[HUO7] Online Registration is Up!


Online registration is up people! You can start filling out the form. You get to choose to attend ONE student workshop, and THREE NGOs workshops (One per each session).

Register NOW so you can save yourself from the hassles of registering at the registration booth during the conference day itself!

We look forward to see you this Saturday! :)

Note: We strongly advice those who had registered online to come to the conference by 9:30 a.m. to secure your spot for your NGOs and Student Workshops. Priority will only be given to you up until 9:30a.m., and after that, we may have to open your reserved space to those who register on that day.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

[HUO7] Countdown: 3 Days More to Go!

3 more days to go to Hear Us Out 7! :D
Don't forget to get your HUO7 tickets, t-shirts, bags and our newest addition to HUO7 Merchandise - BADGE! It only costs RM3 per piece and RM5 if you buy two pieces! :D

We also are going to have Ice Dolphin screening on the this Thursday! Do buy the ticket!

To those who have already gotten their tickets for our conference, you can now REGISTER ONLINE and sign up for various NGOs and students workshops that you want to attend on that day.
You get to choose to attend THREE NGOs workshops, and ONE students workshop 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

[HUO7] Fund Raising Event: Screening of 'Ice Dolphin'!

Important note: The screening time has changed from 4pm to 5pm on Thursday. We're sorry for the confusion. 

[HUO7] Countdown: 4 Days More to Go!

4 days more to go! Are you all pumped like we are? 

Monday, 7 November 2011

Sunday, 6 November 2011

[HUO7] Countdown: 6 Days More to Go!

6 days more to, people! :D 

[HUO7] Fund Raising Event: Screening of 'Ice Dolphin'!

"The Ice Dolphin"


Then look forward to upcoming 'THE ICE DOLPHIN' screening organised by HUO7!

A film written and directed by our very own Mr Colin Shafer, starring Craig Savich!

About the movie: 

"The Greatest Hockey Player the World has Ever Seen -- or at least Malaysia.

One man's narcissistic quest to be the best hockey player to have ever graced the planet.

Malaysia loves him, and so will you. Who is "The Ice Dolphin"?

If you don't know, strap on your dorsal fin and prepare to find out.


Date: 10 November 2011 (Thursday)

Venue: Lecture Theater 2 

Time: 4pm - 6pm

Price Ticket: RM10 

(*For those who have bought the HUO7 Conference ticket, you can flash the conference ticket and get a 50% discount for the screening ticket!)

All funds collected will be proceeded to charity!

So come and get your tickets from HUO7 Booth down at G Floor or just ask from any World Issues Students to assist you! :DD

Saturday, 5 November 2011

[HUO7] NGOs and Speakers #12: Women's Aid Organization


Women's Aid Organization started in 1979 whereby the late Tun Tan Siew Sin was awarded the Tun Razak Award for his invaluable contribution to the country. Then, the  pioneer volunteers worked as a collective to formulate the operating principles of self help and self empowerment for battered women who turned to WAO for help.

Their mission is to create a society that is free of violence against women. Whereas their visions are to promote and create respect, protection and fulfillment of equal rights for women and to work towards the elimination of discrimination against women, and to bring about equality between women and men. WAO will be talking about domestic violence and the cycle of violence.

[HUO7] NGOs and Speakers #11: MyFuture Foundation

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr 

MyFuture Foundation is a foundation established by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim in October 2008. The purpose of this foundation is to make young Malaysian of the ages 15-30 years old to become more engaged and explore with each other on issue that are relevant to not just their ‘lives’ but to nation building. It aspires to create a new generation of Malaysia leaders, thinkers and mentors. All this combined the foundation visualizes a true Bangsa Malaysia society in the future. One without racial and religious discrimination.


What is the future narrative of this country? We seem to be constantly fighting over our past, and bickering about the present with little thought invested in imagining out future. This will be a workshop on futurecasting, an experiment to imagine possible futures and how it relates to present realities.

[HUO7] Countdown: 7 Days More to Go!

7 7 7 7 7 7 7  
Hear Us Out 7!

7 days more to go! Be hyped up and prepared to stand for the DIFFURENSE! :D 

Don't forget to get your HUO7 tickets, t-shirts, bags and our newest addition to HUO7 Merchandise - BADGE! It only costs RM3 per piece and RM5 if you buy two pieces! :D 

We also are going to have Ice Dolphin screening on the next Thursday! Do buy the ticket! It only RM10 and you will get 50% discount if you flash your conference ticket! 
Ice Dolphin